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Clerk's Office
106 5th Street PO Box 308
Harrisville, MI 48740
Fax: 989-724-9419
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County Clerk - Clerk's Office





The County Clerk is an elected official with a four-year term of office. Duties of the County Clerk are prescribed by law and include Clerk to the Board of Commissioners, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Clerk of the County Election Canvassers, Jury Board, Concealed Weapons Licensing Board and County Plat Board.


The Clerk maintains birth and death records, marriage licenses, assumed business names and partnership certificates, veterans discharge records, notary commissions, concealed weapons permits  and processes passport applications.


The County Clerk is the chief election official of the County, supervises all national, state and local elections, and is responsible for maintaining the County’s Qualified Voter File.


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